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I was born in Delta, Colorado, and grew up as 1 out of 6 kids on a small farm.

Money was tight, so we had to be resourceful.

My dad ran his own business while my mom took care of us and cut hair on the side.

We raised cattle and pigs, processing the meat ourselves. It was the circle of life for us.

I must admit, in my younger years, I was a troublemaker. I picked fights at school and even got into altercations with teachers. I had a rebellious streak that seemed hard to contain.

But everything changed in sixth grade when my family went through a tough time, and we moved to Utah. It was just my mom and three of us kids then. To make ends meet, my mom worked three jobs. That’s when I realized I needed to step up and contribute.

I went to my mom one day, asking for things I wanted, and she sat me down and had a heart-to-heart conversation. She laid it out plain and simple: She said: “If you want something, you have to earn it.” (Life-Changing Conversation)

So, I got to work.


Being raised on a farm, hard work wasn’t new to me.

I started shoveling snow, mowing lawns, and taking on any odd job I could find at my age.

On top of that, I pursued wrestling, dedicating myself to early morning and after-school practices.

I even landed my first real job at Wendy’s, working late into the night before heading back to wrestling practice early in the morning.

I maintained this grueling routine for over four years. When college came around, I received a small wrestling scholarship. Unfortunately, I made a foolish mistake before leaving high school. I got into a fight with a friend, resulting in his face being injured.

We had to cover the hefty $14,000 bill for his reconstructive surgery, which meant leaving college early to work and pay off the medical expenses. It was a harsh introduction to the realities of adulthood, but it fueled my determination.

I found work in the oil field, knowing it was the quickest way to earn money and get back to college. During this time, I started questioning whether I wanted the life I saw around me. Most of the time, the answer was a resounding “no.”

It became clear that I needed to find a different path. Oil Field was not for me. That’s when I moved to Denver, joining my brother, and ended up working at Buffalo Wild Wings—my first job in the city. To say I despised it would be an understatement.

I knew I had to find something better.


I discovered that I could get paid for talking to people, and that intrigued me. I had no idea that (sales) was a job.

Fast Foward…

I started as a sales representative working in malls, working my way up and eventually becoming a franchise owner in the photography industry.

It’s worth noting that I was only 22 at the time, and I had no idea what I was doing.

Just that someone was giving me an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. However, this franchise was big on personal development, which led me to start reading books.

The first book I read, well, listened to as an audiobook, changed everything for me. It transformed my income from a mere $500 every two weeks to a consistent $1,400 to $2,000 in just three to four days a week at 22. That book taught me that my income was in my own hands and that my mindset about money needed a major overhaul.

I realized that it wasn’t about working harder; it was about working smarter. It was “Rich Dad Poor Dad” that opened my eyes to this new perspective. While still running the photography franchise and training sales representatives, I questioned how I could make my life even easier.

This led me to explore online business opportunities. Initially, I tried leveraging online sales to benefit my photography business, aiming to escape the long hours. 60- 80 hours That’s where the 67 steps came into my life.

Now I’m happy to help business owners like you grow their TikTok profiles into sales machines that get unlimited amounts of attention on autopilot.


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